Our Origins

Hey, we’re Juan & Ed!

Between the two of us, we’re artists, vehicle enthusiasts, dog lovers, antique home renovators and technology geeks. We’ve been friends for nearly two decades and have always had an affinity for cigars and the lifestyle. Florida has always been home to both of us. We have found a lot of the cigar culture here and have met many wonderful and genuine people along the way.

We’re all about bringing you the entire cigar journey. We embrace fine craftsmanship, exquisite flavors, delicious aromas, all due to our harmonious blend of tobacco.

We created CasaCigarClub.com to be a trendsetting online store, offering our exceptional cigars and exceptional customer service to you from the comfort of your own homes. We are innovators and forward-thinkers, with the drive to constantly update and improve the experience.

Our online store has become synonymous with quality, and we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic cigars that fit any budget. Please drop us a line if you see something we are missing!

Juan & Ed

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